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A major email issue affected businesses in Shropshire.

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FreeYourNet Home

Welcome to FreeYourNet

FreeYourNet provides quality, cost-effective IT support services to small businesses and home computer users in the Telford (U.K) area. We are professional, relaxed and approachable.

Small Business Residential and Home-Office
We provide outsourcing of IT support to small businesses, with an emphasis on making your IT resources work effectively for you. We provide professional IT support and advice for residential and home-office users on all aspects of IT, tailored to individual needs.

Services for small business users

Services for residential and home-office users

If you are looking for our remote helpdesk support service, you will find information here.

Customer Testimonials

Here's a selection of testimonials we have received from our customers.

We are absolutely delighted with the work Steve has done to set up our IT network and improve our systems security. From the initial consultation and throughout the process Steve has been there to patiently inform and support us. He is a true professional and delightfully pragmatic in his approach to determining objectives and fulfilling them. His knowledge of technology and software inspires great confidence. His approachability is reassuring and we know that questions and queries will always receive his courteous and prompt attention. We look forward to developing our relationship with FreeYourNet as our technology changes and develops in the future. FreeYourNet came recommended to us ... and we would without hesitation recommend them to others.

Ian Robinshaw

Thanks for all your hard work over the last couple of days. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and it is a joy to have dealt with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as yourself.

I am delighted with our new set up and can?t wait to see the software performing on the network.

I look forward to developing our relationship as hopefully our IT requirements grow.

Jon Humphreys, Manesis Search & Selection.

Following a catastrophic failure of my hard drive I contacted Steve at FreeYourNet, who asked a few searching questions and confirmed my suspicions that the hard drive on my computer had failed. Steve attended and saved all the key data, and briefed me on how to re-configure my computer once I had fitted the new hard drive, plus outlined the best sequence in which to re-boot my computer.

I followed his advice and in less than one day all was working fine. It is good to meet an IT professional who can communicate solutions succinctly, and in a straight forward manner. FreeYourNet should be your first port of call if you have a software or hardware problem.

Ray Sheldon. Bruin Communications.

It is a comfort, knowing Steve is around the corner. Anytime I call with a message he always comes back to me with an answer. However, in most cases I ask him to come around because IT and I are not always compatible.

When he comes, I prefer to leave him with the problem till he sorts it out and he tells me all is ok.

I thoroughly recommend his services.

Fred Checkley AFA, Accountant.

We particularly like the way you've held our hand to put in place IT that other start-up consultancies have not managed to implement and they're now 3 years old!

What makes you stand out from all the others we've used, is that you seem to delight in being thorough and ensuring you give us a long-term solution, not a short-term fix.

Angela Podmore, Kinetic Communications Ltd.

Steve Moss came to my rescue when I had a laptop that simply failed to start. Despite it being a Friday evening, he took my computer and worked on it that night and Saturday morning. He had to back up all my files, wipe my software and reinstall everything to resurrect my laptop. He then managed to explain to me in layman terms what the problem was and why he had had to take such drastic measures. Less than 24 hours after I was sure I was gong to have to buy a new machine, Steve gave me back a much better functioning original.

About three months later Steve again helped me out, although this time by remote control as I live in Uganda and he in Shropshire. Again, clear instructions from Steve and another problem solved.

I wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a thoroughly professional IT and systems expert, who not only solves problems but explains them to those of us who regard what goes on in computers as complete mysteries.

Ian Robinson

It is reassuring to know there is a local service that is personal, reliable and professional and is there to help maximise your PC's performance and minimise the dangers of using the Internet. I have two children that need to access the Internet for their schoolwork so it is important that our PC is safe to use and reliable. Having called
FreeYourNet, I can speak from experience and say that their service really has made a difference and given me complete peace of mind.

Chris Turnbull.

The service I received from
FreeYourNet was excellent. I was really impressed that they offered an initial free assessment, which included explaining to me what the problems were, how they could be fixed and what it would cost.  I also liked the fact that Steve Moss had both the time and patience to explain to me (someone who doesn't understand how computers work) about different kinds of threats to my computer when using the internet and how to protect myself against them. I would thoroughly recommend their service as they were not only professional, efficient and effective but also very friendly and helpful.

Joy Boyes.

Steve has provided me, for several years now, first class I.T support and advice for my photography business. I have found that he is always accommodating, considerate and extremely knowledgeable and will make himself available for all the services I need from him. I would recommend him to every friend, colleage and associate I know who requires a high level of expertise in I.T support.

Tom Doyle, Tom Doyle Photography.

I have known Steve Moss since 2006 when I bought my first computer. Being a complete novice to the world of IT I found Steve's expertise absolutely invaluable. He steered me through the inevitable crises with great care and patience, and I was extremely grateful to trust him with the setting up of all the essential security systems. He continues to be a reliable guide and resource as I develop my work with the computer. I have recommended Steve to many of my friends and colleagues and, without exception, all have been full of praise for his reliable and conscientious support. There seems to be nothing too difficult for him to fix!

Val Robinson.

Steve was able to provide me with exactly the type of help I needed when I experienced problems with my home computer. He was able to come out and work on site which is not normally a service that is readily available to home computer users and was an important bonus to me. His initial assessment was very thorough and I felt confident that he knew exactly what he was talking about. His advice was up to date and appropriate to my needs. He has set up a new computer for me, transferred data and software as needed and secured the wireless network. So far, I have not needed to use his remote diagnostic system but foresee that facility being an excellent tool saving a lot of time, energy and money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve - he provided exactly the expertise and services that I was looking for.

Carol Wright.

FreeYourNet has helped me get much more from my IT equipment. Steve?s initial consultation was comprehensive and very, very helpful ... He was able to highlight where my computers were at risk from the internet and he offered solutions as to how to protect my computers from threats; he also suggested how I could get the best out of my equipment ... As a result ... I now use the desktop and the laptop computers much more effectively in my business ... FreeYourNet has provided me with an effective, value for money solution which has had a positive effect on my business ... FreeYourNet?s after care service is second to none.

Paula Firmstone.

I first used FreeYourNet when my computer died. Steve responded quickly and efficiently. He came to my home, so I didn't need to bring my computer to a shop somewhere, where my computer would be repaired by someone I would never have any contact with. He also was able to retrieve all of my information, so there was no loss of data. Steve, then made suggestions on what I could do to protect my computer from further problems. All of this he did in plain English (without talking down to me), so I could understand what caused the problems.

I have no hesitation in recommending Free Your Net to anyone, and will be using them for all of my future IT needs.

Jenny Hinks, Shropshire Office Support.

Steve consistently provides an excellent service with useful, thorough, relevant and cost-effective advice. I have found his support to be absolutely invaluable whether it be in relation to security, which systems or equipment to use, general ICT advice or the essential, regular security up-dates and bulletins. His patience in dealing with someone with relatively limited understanding of computers has helped not only instil confidence, but re-assurance that, should anything go wrong in the future, there is someone there who will respond promptly and put things right.

Gill Henderson.

When it comes to any sort of configuration or programming, I'm absolutely computer illiterate. Fortunately, when I bought my first computer, about 7 years ago, someone introduced me to Steve. He was so helpful in configuring my computer to do exactly what I need it to. When I upgraded, he came along and not only set up my new computer, but also transferred all the information I had on the old one. If I have a problem, Steve is always at the end of the phone, and he sends me regular security upgrades. Even though I am a very minor user in his scheme of things, he will always help, and importantly, doesn't make me feel completely stupid in the process. I rely on him completely.

Dilys Hargreaves.

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