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FreeYourNet - Remote Helpdesk Support

About the FreeYourNet Remote HelpDesk

As part of our service, we offer a 'remote helpdesk' whereby we connect to your computer across the internet using a secure, encrypted connection that enables us to view your computer's screen remotely, and control your computer using (our) computer's mouse and keyboard, pretty much like being directly in front of it.

By eliminating the need for you to book us for a personal visit, we can often respond quicker to your needs and perform IT tasks more cheaply for you. While there are some tasks that are not suited to remote support (such as hardware-related work, wireless surveys or some network reconfiguration tasks), the majority of IT support tasks can be effectively undertaken remotely, including those that require software installation and/or rebooting of your computer.

While we have pre-configured permanently available remote access for some of our business clients, we can offer ad hoc remote support for all our business and residential clients. We use a sophisticated and secure remote support system based on Citrix Online's award-winning GoToAssist service.

The remote access software is active on your computer for the duration of the support session only, and does not require you to open access to us through your firewall, for instance, or perform any other complex configuration of your computer. Once we agree with you to conduct a remote support session, we will invite you by providing you with a one-time support key that you use to connect with.

Connect for Remote Support

Once we have communicated with you that it is time to start your support session, please click the link below to begin and, on the page that opens, click on the Download button.

Download remote access software

If your web browser presents you with a Run or Open option choose that, otherwise choose to Save the file and then run it once the download is complete. This process will vary according to which web browser you are using.

Note: You may encounter one or more security confirmation prompts, according to which version of Windows you are running on your computer. Once you assent to these the software will download and start. If you have a broadband internet connection this should take only a short time to complete.

Once the remote access software starts you will be asked to fill in your name and the support key we provide you with. At this point you will be asked to confirm you wish to join the remote session, following which we will be able to connect to your computer.

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